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    Шаблон js класса

    Simple Js class pattern

    Simple js file pattern, configured as a small module (class) for reuse in small projects.

    Installing custom fonts on website

    Installing custom fonts on website

    For installing font on your website, first we need to download the font or you can make the font it yourself or choose the font in the interactive catalog of paid and free fonts.

    Site traffic widget on html5 canvas

    Development of small js library allows build website traffic widget (informer) from statistic data array or Yandex.Metrica counter number. Supported appearance customization and creation of a new type of graph by adding methods to the library.

    ASP .Net MVC Sitemap Builder

    SitemapBuilder is a simple C# class for creating a XML Sitemap. Class adheres official specification (server response given in XML). To create a Sitemap you must implement only one action method (ActionResult) in your controller.

    yandex geocoder map

    C# Geocoding module using Yandex API

    The module can determine geographical coordinates and other information about an object using its name or address. Geocoding is performed using Yandex.Maps geocoding service.